Manifesting A Yoga Venue

May 21, 2021 | Yoga

Do you or someone you know have a beautiful deck with a view, and would be willing to host a yoga series?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and all the discussion around it got my head flooded with ideas… and I realized it is time for me to step up and lead the revolution! I am done talking about it, and I’m ready to BE ABOUT IT!

Over the winter I hosted a handful of private, invite-only yoga classes at my office in Winter Park, and they were extremely successful and well-received. I also added live music to my classes and was able to support local musicians struggling for work.

Many of you may have heard that the only yoga studio in Winter Park, Mountain Moon Yoga, is closing it’s doors after 19 years of serving the community, due to low attendance rates and increasing costs. This is sadly, a story that I am hearing far too often these days. There is a mental health crisis and YOGA IS ESSENTIAL to healing!

With almost no yoga classes being offered this year, I feel called to get an outdoor yoga series going for summer time in the mountains, an absolutely perfect climate for comfortable outdoor yoga.

I am currently looking for a private venue to host my classes at; I would prefer it to have a DECK and a VIEW; it can be residential or commercial. I am trying to keep my classes in between Winter Park and Tabernash, and would like them to run Mid June- Labor Day. The venue would need to host 10-15 comfortably and have access to a bathroom. Please respond to this email if you can host or provide any suggestions/connections to a host.