Workshops & Special Event Services

Massage Workshops

chair massage for private function

Emily doing on-site chair massage at Idlewild Distillery for a private function

Have you ever wondered how to massage effectively? Have you ever had interest in exploring the deep connections of massage and yoga? Healing is the most beautiful gift you can share with someone, however, it helps to have an experienced professional show you! Emily loves to teach massage for couples, groups, and even yoga teachers. Her workshops can specialize in Thai yoga massage (great for groups) or table massage (great for couples). She also can customize a workshop for you that includes yoga and massage education. Please call for a quote.

Special Events

Book Emily for your upcoming event in Grand County! We specialize in on-site chair and table massage, couples massage workshops, “to-go” mini facials, as well as private yoga classes for your crew! Let us customize a service or combination of services for your event; Weddings, Corporate Events, Bachelorette Parties, Girls’ Weekends. Please call for a quote.

O2 to Go

Winter Park Wellness Center & O2 Bar

Emily is part of the collective Winter Park Wellness Center & O2 Bar

Don’t let the altitude get you down! Our mountains are beautiful & spectacular, but for many people, the altitude can be physically challenging. Try our Oxygen to Go services if you’re hosting an event or wedding. If your event goers are having issues with headaches, shortness of breath & more symptoms, then the event can really lose some of its fun factor. Having the WP-O2 to Go Oxygen Bar at your event, you will ensure that your guests have quick relief from the negative effects of our high altitude and allow them to fully cherish their time here with you.

Our oxygen is 95% medical grade concentrated oxygen and combined with assorted aromatherapies usually offers relief within 15 to 30 minutes. With WP-O2 to Go many users report an increase of energy and well-being, which can give your party a BOOST!

We have 6 oxygen stations at our mobile O2 bar, which allows up to 6 people to connect to the oxygen bar at the same time. We will provide a relaxing “healing lounge” for guests & while using the O2 bar, your guests will still be able to mingle and breathe in the good vibes.

hand massage demo

Emily showcasing a product line with free hand massages at Ace Hardware in Granby, CO