Watsu Aquatic Bodywork

Watsu massage in water at Hot Sulphur Hot Springs in Colorado

Emily is now offering Watsu Aquatic Bodywork at Hot Sulphur Springs and Resort!

What is Watsu?

It is a unique + therapeutic healing session that combines shiatsu acupressure, deep stretches, and undulations to open up the spine and relax the nervous system with the healing power of water.

Who is a good candidate for Watsu?

Anyone who prefers a lighter massage, has suffered from trauma/anxiety, or simply loves being in the water! It is a great alternative therapy that relieves tension and increases joint mobility. It can help an array of disorders from Arthritis to PTSD to Tourette’s Syndrome. Please be aware this is not a “deep tissue” modality.

When Can I Receive Watsu?

Watsu is entirely weather dependent! It is best to receive in the morning when the hot springs are not crowded. Temperature is also incredibly important, and the hot springs are typically too warm in July + August. This is why I ask clients to contact me directly about Watsu availability before booking; it is not available in my online booking system.

Hot Springs Entrance Fee

Please note that you still have to pay the $25 entrance fee to Hot Sulphur Springs and Resort in addition to your service.

Learn More About Watsu

Learn more about Watsu at healthline.com/health/watsu